Digital illustration of Santa's 2016 Naughty & Nice List

Santa’s 2016 Naughty/Nice List

This year’s holiday illustration features a sneak peak at Father Christmas’ annual list. 

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Animated painting of holiday decorations including Star Wars ornaments

May the Holidays Be with You

With The Force Awakens opening this holiday season, I had Star Wars on the mind while composing a still life for my annual “thank you” illustration to clients and followers. 

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Drawing of Scott's Eye with Fractured Clock Monocle

Teen Wolf Season 5 Promo Art

MTV commissioned a group of artists, including myself, to help promote the upcoming fifth season of Teen Wolf. 

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Bestiary Cover

Teen Wolf Bestiary

The Bestiary was commissioned by MTV as a 32-page comprehensive guide to the supernatural creatures that have appeared on Teen Wolf through its current four seasons. 

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Engraving style illustration of The Mad Teacup in royal blue

The Mad Teacup

While this illustration focuses on the Mad Hatter’s teacup, Alice finds herself once again in trouble. The illustration was done in an engraving style. 

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Sitting Duck t-shirt design

Sitting Duck

It’s a case of nature vs technology gone amok: a poor little duck has moments before a robotic fish, lurking in the murky depths below, snaps it up. 

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Illustration of a Dickensian quote

Old Marley

Having always loved the opening of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, I chose to combine my illustration and typographic skills to depict this line from it. 

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Ol’ Fashion Zombie’s Sundae T-shirt

Remember the good ol’ days when a zombie could go to the corner drugstore and receive a refreshing zombie’s sundae served with a blank stare by the local soda jerk? 

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Digital illustration of Abraham Lincoln: soft palette

Abraham Lincoln

For this illustration, I combined an Ingres-esque portrait of Honest Abe with the text from his famous Gettysburg Address. 

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Screamin' Lemur Design

Red Ruffed Lemur

An illustration of an agitated lemur. 

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