Category: Digital Illustration

Illustration of a Dickensian quote

Old Marley

Having always loved the opening of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, I chose to combine my illustration and typographic skills to depict this line from it.

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Rosetta Stone 4012 in red

Rosetta Stone 4012 T-shirt

As the original Rosetta Stone helped the modern world decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, I figured future civilizations will need a new Rosetta Stone to decipher texting shorthand.

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Ol’ Fashion Zombie’s Sundae T-shirt

Remember the good ol’ days when a zombie could go to the corner drugstore and receive a refreshing zombie’s sundae served with a blank stare by the local soda jerk?

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Flourish t-shirt design

Flourish T-shirt

For this t-shirt design I imagined showing a peacock-pen using the color from its feathers to draw the word “Flourish”

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Pencil illustration of two tiger cubs

Tigers on the Edge

This illustration shows two tiger cubs on the edge of a cliff to communicate how tigers are an endangered species.

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Digital illustration of Abraham Lincoln: soft palette

Abraham Lincoln

For this illustration, I combined an Ingres-esque portrait of Honest Abe with the text from his famous Gettysburg Address.

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Digitally illustration of Anakin/Darth


Being a huge geek fan, I had to create an illustration based on Star Wars.

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Screamin' Lemur Design

Red Ruffed Lemur

An illustration of an agitated lemur.

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Digital illustration of Hercules


An illustration of a Roman statue of young Hercules.

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