Category: Pencil Illustration

Drawing of Scott's Eye with Fractured Clock Monocle

Teen Wolf Season 5 Promo Art

MTV commissioned a group of artists, including myself, to help promote the upcoming fifth season of Teen Wolf.

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Who's Your Gingerbread Man?

Who’s Your Gingerbread Man?

A series of holiday themed illustrations created as a thank you to all of my great clients and followers.

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Bestiary Cover

Teen Wolf Bestiary

The Bestiary was commissioned by MTV as a 32-page comprehensive guide to the supernatural creatures that have appeared on Teen Wolf through its current four seasons.

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Pencil illustration of Marie Antoinette's beheading

Let Her Eat Cake

This illustration diagrams how Marie Antoinette received her cake after the events of Bastille Day.

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Digital illustration of Abraham Lincoln: soft palette

Abraham Lincoln

For this illustration, I combined an Ingres-esque portrait of Honest Abe with the text from his famous Gettysburg Address.

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Pencil illustration of Charlie


This illustration shows twelve-year-old Charlie from four different angles.

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Digital illustration of Hercules


An illustration of a Roman statue of young Hercules.

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Pencil illustration of Miletus Torso

Miletus Torso

An illustration of a classical statue.

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