Ol’ Fashion Zombie’s Sundae T-shirt

Remember the good ol’ days when a zombie could go to the corner drugstore and receive a refreshing brain sundae served with a blank stare by the local soda jerk? Okay, me neither; but I thought it would make for a fun macabre humor t-shirt. The illustration was done in an engraving style.

This t-shirt design was ranked #1 on March 14, 2012 at Mintees.com and received a 3.21 score at Threadless.com.

Engraving style illustration of a sundae for zombies

the t-shirt design and a couple zombie models

Engraving detail of the sundae topping

detail of the engraving style in the sundae topping

Engraving detail of the soda jerk's face

detail of the engraving style in the soda jerk's face

Engraving detail of the severed arm spoons

detail of the engraving style in the severed arm spoons

Detail of the laughing skull

detail of the halftone pattern in the laughing skull