Rosetta Stone 4012 T-shirt

As the original Rosetta Stone helped the modern world decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, I figured future civilizations will need a new Rosetta Stone to decipher texting shorthand. The foreground of the illustration was done in an engraving style, while the background is rendered with a standard halftone pattern.

In what could be a head scratcher for future linguists, “WTF” has been translated as “What the sexual intercourse?”.

This t-shirt design appeared for scoring at Threadless.

Rosetta Stone 4012 in red

illustration shown in red

Rosetta Stone 4012 t-shirt design in blue

illustration shown in "midnight" blue

Illustration shown on t-shirt

illustration shown on a black t-shirt

detail of Rosetta Stone 4012 design

detail of stars and shadow side of the stone with texting language

another detail of Rosetta Stone 4012 design

detail of clouds and translation side of stone